Study shows increase in child abuse and neglect, decrease in teen births


For twenty-seven years the Michigan League for Public Policy has been compiling data to create a tool that helps kids. 

“[It] gives people a chance to go in, look at a lot of numbers that help inform the health and wellness and education levels and poverty levels of kids all over our state,” Gilda Jacobs, CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy said.

They say Michigan has some work to do.

“One in five kids in Michigan are still living in poverty,” Jacobs said.

While that number has gone down, she said it’s still too high. 

“This is an opportunity to lift up some of those issues. It’s a really really important tool that week can use to make informed decisions,” Jacobs said.

Decisions that are often made by legislators. 

“What we’re doing today is bringing lawmakers together to say okay here’s what the data is showing us, how can we, you know, work with you as partners to really think about how the state should be prioritizing,” Alicia Guevara Warren, Kids Count Project Director said.

The data shows a 30 percent increase in children who are abused and neglected which Warren said is very alarming. There are however some good trends too.

“We’re seeing more kids graduating from high school on time and fewer dropping out of high school,” Warren said. 

The rate of teen births has also decreased by nearly 30 percent and the MLPP hopes to see even more positive trends. 

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