MICHIGAN (WLNS) Fathers Day is Sunday, June 20 and lots of families will be pulling out their grills for a barbecue. And despite the plenty of safety tips, fire officials say, every summer they respond to grill fires.

June and July are peak seasons for grill fires across the nation, according to the National Fire Protection Association, and the East Lansing fire department says most are preventable.

“Preparation of the grill is key. making sure that the grease build-up is cleaned off, out of the bottom of the grill, off the grates,” said East Lansing Fire Inspector, John Newman.

According to NFPA, grill fires and burns send over 9,000 people to the hospital every year. And the East Lansing Fire Department is actually putting out its own safety tips Summer Safety Week.

These tips and more will be given through the rest of this week,