Summer storm leaves a wake of damage in Jackson County


JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – Fallen trees fill up this Summit township neighborhood and the people living here say it was like a scene out of a movie.

“It was coming down pretty good and then all of a sudden the wind just starts blowing and you know the next thing you know we hear this loud pop,” said Neighbor Austin Porter.

That noise was the sound of their front tree hitting the soaked ground, and sending a shock wave across the neighborhood.

“I looked out the window and saw this gap, you know I could now see the sky which once was a giant tree,” said neighbor, Sara Delor.

The tree was completely uprooted and landed just feet from the homes of neighbors Delor and Porter while taking down power lines and sending gas into the air, but thankfully everyone is safe.

“Everything will get replaced, but it was just really scary and surreal and you know when we were evacuating out the back door after we smelled the gas it was just kind of felt like we were in a war zone you know we got the siren going off from a car and the rain pouring, so it was pretty scary,” said Porter.

Emergency crews responded all day long to blocked roads and more split trees across the area, but neighbors in Summit Township say looking at the damage—they’re thankful it wasn’t much worse.

“Actually kind of grateful you know because when we first looked out that window I was worried the tree was on the neighbor’s house you know what I mean, so when we looked out I realized it looked like they’re safe and we came out and all the neighbors are out we realized we are all safe,” said Delor.
Porter says they have a busy week of clean-up and calls to their insurance company ahead, but this is a storm they will not forget.

“Just kind of take it day by day. Hopefully, we get this cleaned up soon but you know we’re all safe so that’s all that matters.”

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