JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Last week, Sun Valley Estates resident, Rose Oster, took us to a mobile home that had caught fire nearly a month ago, sitting abandoned and surrounded by trash that she said brought roaches into her home.

Since our story aired, the lot behind her home where the abandoned building sat, is now clear. 

“Sunday night, the equipment was pulled in, and Monday morning, before 8 a.m., they were tearing it down. So, they got that down, the lot cleaned up,” Oster said.

Crews hauled away that home and finished clean-up on another just a few doors down. 

“I was like oh somebody listened, somebody’s doing, we got somebody in our corner at this point,” Rose Oster said.

Oster said that this was made possible after someone from corporate contacted her and asked how they could help.

“She stood up and got the job done. Friday, we’ll meet with her and see where we can go from there. As far as getting the park cleaned up, right now, we need decent employees here too. It’s starting to look better. We’re trying to get it all out there. That way, they can start fixing all of it,” Oster said.

With the infested home next door gone, Oster said she can move forward and that she hopes this kind of action becomes a trend throughout the property.

“I feel a lot better knowing I’m not going to have bugs crawling. They got the trailer, they tore it down, put it right in dumpsters and pulled them out of here. That’s what we need to see happen when we have something like that because that was beyond disgusting.”