Super Bowl 50: Costs, commercials, expectations


(WLNS) – In 13 days where will you be?

For football fans, they’ll either be at the game or watching Super Bowl 50 right here on 6 News.

It’s Carolina vs. Denver, but, maybe your eyes will be focused on the commercials.

6 News Justin Kree looked at the amount of money advertisers are willing to spend to get your attention.

Would you spend $5 million for 30 seconds of your time?

For dozens of companies that answer is a yes.

Auto makers, beer companies, even candy companies are willing to throw money, hoping to score a touchdown with the audience

6 News spoke with Robert Kolt who is with advertising and public relations at MSU. He said this year a 30-second ad costs $5 million, which is up about 11 percent from last year.

For most companies that $5 million is small chunk of change when you consider that 150 million people, the largest TV audience of the year will be tuned in for the big game.

But if a company is looking to save some dough they can opt for a half-time ad, which Kolt says costs considerably less

Kolt also mentioned that the Super Bowl ads are to a company’s equivalent to what the Oscars are to a movie.

With ad concepts and celebrity cameos becoming more secretive each year.

To see this year’s iconic Super Bowl ads and to watch the Denver Broncos face off against the Carolina Panthers, you can watch Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7 on WLNS-TV/6 News.

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