Supporters, protesters show up at Slotkin event in Lansing


Dozens of people from both sides of the aisle gathered in Lansing.

Some to show their support for congressman Elissa Slotkin and some to say she needs to be impeached.

People filled the sidewalks with signs saying “4 more years” in support of Trump.

And…”We support Elissa Slotkin” in support of the democratic congresswoman.

All chanting slogans opposing one another…and it is all because of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The protest was led by Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox, who says Elissa Slotkin broke her deal with the voters.

By playing ‘politics’ in Washington D.C. instead of working for the people in Michigan.

Laura Cox wants to let her know that.

“These folks are going to continue to put the pressure on her, to make sure she does the things she was elected to do. Which is to represent the people of the 8th district to fight for Michigan and shes not doing that.” said Laura Cox, by Michigan Republican Party.

Protesters on the other side of the aisle says, Elissa Slotkin is representing all Michiganders; with the healthcare and lowering drug prices.

In response, Elissa Slotkin’s spokesperson says she supports the impeachment inquiry based on her commitment to our national security.

She says she is an independent voice for Michigan’s 8th district and she is always committed to the issues affecting Michiganders.

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