Survivors, Attorney General react to new Nassar investigation


Michigan State announced plans for a new and independent investigation into the Larry Nassar scandal almost three years after the first accusations of sexual assault by the Spartan sports medicine doctor became public. But the announcement is not sitting well with survivors, their families or the Attorney General.

“If I trusted MSU to do the right thing, Larry would’ve been in jail before either of my daughters were born.”

Lisa Hutchins came to Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting to share her perspective as the mother of two survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse. Like many in the audience, she wasn’t expecting the announcement of a new investigation into Nassar’s time at MSU. And like others, she has her doubts.

“They weren’t honest with the first [investigation],” she says, “and they still want to withhold documents.”
Documents that Attorney General Dana Nessel says she still wants.

Nessel released a statement Friday morning saying MSU lacks the credibility to conduct a legitimate investigation, and that they should leave it to the professionals.

Reclaim MSU says they flat out don’t trust the board of trustees to do what’s right, and that they agree with the Attorney General.

The trustees say they hope to earn back some of the trust they lost through their handling of the Nassar scandal. Hutchins says they don’t need to launch a whole new investigation to earn it back.

“What better way to move forward, by fixing what you did in the past so you can close those doors,” she says. “Make it right. Stand up and treat the second wave like you did the first wave. Look my daughters in the eyes, both of them, and tell them that you’re going to do what’s right.”

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