FOWLERVILLE, Mich, (WLNS) – Fowlerville parents dove into action after hearing their kids’ tackle season was canceled, and now the Fowlerville community found a solution.

When parents heard the season was going to transition from tackle to flag football, they started reaching out to everyone for help, and yesterday night the Fowlerville Recreation Department announced they found someone.

“We cancel birthdays, cancel Halloween. You can cancel Christmas, but you can’t cancel football,” said Mike Holes, a sales rep at Capitol Varsity Sports.

Holes is a teacher and football coach in DeWitt. He heard about the Fowlerville youth football program being canceled from parents reaching out.

“Right away, I contacted, our factory and our plant, which is in Ohio, and, just said, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on. Is this something we can help with?'” Holes said.

Now, Capitol Varsity Sports is partnered with the Fowlerville Recreation Department to recertify the youth helmets needed to start the season.

For seven-year-old Chase Wawiernia, that’s all he wants.

“Football is my favorite sport and I wanted to play football,” he said.

Chase says he is happy the season is back to normal because he didn’t want to play flag football.
“It’s fun because you actually can like run and you don’t have to like, just get a flag,” Chase said.

But for eight-year-old Parker Downing, he says all he wants to do is play.

“I wanna be a QB (quarterback) or a linebacker,” Parker said.

Parker’s father, Luke Downing, says he’s happy his son will take the field.

“He looks forward to it every day. Dad, let’s go play catch with the football. Dad let’s go play football,” Luke said.

“It wasn’t a one-person effort. It was a lot of people reaching out and having contacts and, and sharing. And, and so, so what’s great about for and the community here,” Luke said.

The Fowlerville Recreation Department hopes to have the helmets by the end of August. They also are working on getting new helmets for the program.