Taking care of your pets in cold temperatures


When temperatures drop into single digits, there’s no doubt staying outside can be harsh, but what about when pets stay outside?

Director of operations at the Capital Area Humane Society, Holly Guild, says it’s more than just keeping your dog tied on a leash.

“An enclosed dog house with a roof, it should have a raised floor and bedding, blankets and towels are not great bedding because they absorb moisture and then they freeze so we recommend straw. It’s light weight, it’s very, it’s a very good insulator, and the dog house should be packed with straw so they dog can go and burrow in,” said Guild.

She added that it’s extremely dangerous for short coated dogs, but even if your dog is meant for cold conditions, like huskies, you should still bring them inside.

“This weather is way too dangerous for dogs to be outside for long periods of times and owners should try to limit the amount of times they bring them outside and shorten their time outside anywhere from only five to ten minutes,” said Guild.

It is illegal to keep your animals outside without the right protection from the figid conditions. The law states that you must have them in “adequate care” with a sufficent amound of food, water that isn’t frozen and shelter that is suitable for the breed and size of dog.

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