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Tax Day is Today Here is What You Need to Know Before Midnight


Today is the dreaded day.

April 15th is the deadline to file and pay your taxes. Here is what you need to know-

1) The hard deadline only applies if you owe federal, state or city taxes. If you are only expecting a return, you still have time to file.

2) If you owe money, but can not pay the full amount there are payment plan options. Contact the IRA, the State and City governments to find out the options.

3) If you owe money and do not pay by midnight, there is a penalty, and interest is added each month or half month you do not pay.

4) Many people complain that they are getting less money in returns this year. David Reyes from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program says “if you get paid every other week, and you got an extra $30 in your paycheck, you might not notice that. But at the end of the year that’s $800 that you didn’t get in your refund check”

VITA is a free service available to people who make less than $55,000 annually. They reopen in May until September. 

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