Taylor Swift’s beach-side Mannequin Challenge, Khloe Kardashian’s throwback home video + more must-see celebrity Thanksgiving posts


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (MEDIA GENERAL) — The holidays are a fun time for all and they present the perfect time for all to dress up, relax with loved ones and create the perfect social-media worthy moments.

If you were too busy stuffing yourself and napping to scroll through your Instagram feeds, here are some of the gems you may have missed.

Taylor Swift + Co. take on the Mannequin Challenge

We all know by now that Taylor Swift has the coolest squad, and just in case we forget, she never forgets to bring along a professional photographer to capture their best moments.

This year, the Swift family hosted a gaggle of models during their beach-side Thanksgiving bash. At twilight, they threw their hats into the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ ring.

Here’s their rendition, as well as a host of other ‘candid’ moments from their cooler-than-your-family evening:

Kardashians post Thanksgiving throwbacks

With all their glamour shots and  fashionable clothes, it’s easy to forget that the Kardashians are family-first. So enjoy this glimpse of vintage Kardashian magic, brought to you by Khloe and Kendall!

Most fashionable Thanksgiving goes to…Reece Witherspoon, duh.

Reece sure did kick up her Southern charm with a side of perfection this year, no? Never fear, Draper James is here!

Shakira shops with…a turkey on a leash?

Thanks to Shakira we now know that you can, in fact, domesticate a turkey. But did she really bring her new pet to pick out their holiday meal? Seems a little sadistic–here’s to hopping she also went vegan this year!

Models: Must love desserts

We all know Karlie Kloss loves to bake–she’s been spotted in both Taylor Swift’s kitchen and in Vogue.

This year, she shared a Tasty-style recipe for vegan pumpkin bread.

Bella Hadid also shared her love for Thanksgiving treats, but neglected to give us the recipes. Bella?

Dinner with a side of sarcasm

It’s been a tense year for politics, and don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s been dreading that turkey-time conversation.  Not to mention, our celebrity Thanksgiving round-up wouldn’t be complete without a few good quips.

Here’s some winners:

Yes, he really does mean Martha Stewart. And yes, this is officially the best thing that’s happened in 2016.

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