Teacher say virtual learning is here to stay


This photo shows high school seniors who attended a virtual prom via Zoom on April 16 hosted by the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition. With the Class of 2020 missing out on so many traditions due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have gone online to participate in virtual proms. (Baton Rouge Youth Coalition via AP)

New York, NY (CBS)-Virtual learning is changing the way families and school districts think about education, and now, it has teachers shifting their careers. Many teachers are now online only.

Dion Lucas spent more than a decade teaching high school math in her own unique way. The teacher and church musician took a break after feeling a bit of burn out. And then, the pandemic hit.

So Lucas took her musical math lessons online, becoming a permanent virtual educator.

Nearly 93% of U.S. households with school-aged children reported some form of “distance learning” during the covid crisis , forcing teachers to work from home, too.

The National Virtual Teacher Association supports educators looking to move their careers online. Teachers are finding positions at online schools, or courses they can teach that their districts may not have been able to offer in person.

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