Texas Law sparks Michigan Reaction, Abortion Groups see new battle For Roe Vs Wade


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Anti-abortion advocates are watching the aftermath of Texas’ law with hope while abortion rights supporters are watching with concern

“However, it gets to Roe versus Wade being overturned, that’s what we’re hopeful for,” said anti-abortion activist Genevieve Rarnon of Right to Life of Michigan.

“We have not felt safe for a very long time after Trump added his appointees to the Supreme Court, specifically Brett Kavanaugh,” said Whitney Shananhan of Pro-Choice With Heart.

Michigan Right to Life says it’s looking forward to how the Supreme Court will address the Texas legislation. She says a ruling supporting the law could make a Michigan ban easier.

“Our efforts are going to continue and that would be to get Roe v Wade overturned, send the decision back to the states. And Michigan has a complete ban on abortion other than to save the life of the mother,” the group said.

But the group Pro-Choice With Heart says Michiganders can take steps to protect abortion access here.

“They should definitely talk to their state legislators, send them an email, call them up and say we want abortion protection in our state constitution. And that way, if Roe v Wade is overturned, they will still be protected,” the group said.

Cooley Law school professor Devin Schindler says the law’s unusual nature deputizing Texans to privately sue abortion providers makes it difficult for the courts to review.

He says even though the Supreme Court did not hear the emergency appeal, that does not mean that the law won’t be in front of the Court again.

“The courts did not reverse Roe, in a matter of fact, it went to great lengths to say the underlining arguments being made by the opponents to the law have merit but this isn’t the case or the time to bring a debate or all of that.”

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