The Bonds family: then and now


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – We are leading up to our 2019 Women’s Build with Habitat for Humanity where a team of us from 6 News will join the effort to build a house for a local family.

We’re taking a look back at some we’ve helped in the past to see how they’re doing today.

Our Dana Whyte recently spoke with the Bonds family who moved into their home in 2015.
“It has been a wonderful experience and a blessing,” said Tresa Bonds.

Four years ago, Bonds and her family went through a major life change for the better.

“We lived in a three bedroom ranch style home. It was just one floor and a basement and the basement was not finished, so it’s a major difference,” said Bonds.

Her and her husband. along with 5 kids, now live in a home with four bedrooms and a lot more space. It’s all thanks to Habitat for Humanity. 

“It’s very empowering,” said Bonds. “I’ve felt that Habitat, I feel that Habitat is more like an empowering program.”

The Bonds are now making new family traditions. 

“Every Sunday we make sure we all eat dinner together and take turns counting our blessings,” said Bonds.

Tresa was so inspired by the program, she now serves on the board and went on the program’s trip to Kenya. 

“I’m able to speak in front of people and to empower other women,” said Bonds.

So anyone who might be struggling with a place to live, she encourages them to reach out to Habitat, as it made all the difference in her life. 

“Habitat is an empowering program that gives you a hand up and not a hand out, and the more people who work with Habitat one on one can get the experience that I’ve had within Habitat.”

The 6 News Women’s Build event is set for next Monday. This year we will help a local family of nine get into a new home.

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