The Davies Project here in Lansing is changing lives. The program makes sure that all children with serious medical conditions have free rides back and forth to medical care. And today they moved into a permanent home at the old –but renovated — firehouse on Bingham street. One that founder Dr. Dele Davies says is going to leave a lasting impact.

“I think that it is a really great space that will allow the volunteers to really come together, share stories, share ideas and share best practices and it will also allow a better coordination of all the services that are going on.” 

It’s stories like this one, involving a mother and her little boy, that truly shows the impact this project has made.

“She described that day as a day where she had this sick infant on oxygen tank a stroller pushing through the ice and the snow to get to the bus stop.”

And by the time she arrived at Sparrow Hospital she was flustered and distraught. But then someone told her she didn’t have to go through this anymore. 

“Somebody told her about the Davies project that day and to watch this little boy now at five years old because he made it to his appointments she didn’t have to have that extra trauma and stress of trying to get him there. Those are the stories that we really thrive on.” 

Dr. Davies says the project goes beyond the here and now.
“Children are our future. Show me how you treat your community and I will show you what your future looks like.”  

If you are interested in being a volunteer there is a link below.