LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Making it to 100 is a milestone that few reach, but for one man who spent many years protecting and serving, he says he’s grateful to have made it.

That man is Casimer Szocinski, who turned 100 years old on October 2, 2022.

After his family showered him with gifts and cake, Szocinski had a blast from the past.

“Is the car how you remember it?” a current Michigan State Police trooper asked Szocinski.

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

Szocinski said after serving in World War II overseas, he became a state trooper and stayed on the force for 25 years. And since retiring he hasn’t been in a police car.

On his 100th birthday, he was back sitting in the front with the windows rolled down.

“I promise to behave. I won’t turn on the siren, the red light, and I’ll behave,” Szocinski joked.

He held that promise in the car, but as they turned the corner, the police trooper let the siren blare for a few seconds.

Szocinski’s daughter, Katie Bower, said she is so happy that MSP troopers came out to help celebrate since multiple family members followed in her dad’s footsteps.

“There’s a huge tradition that a lot of state police then have children that join the department too, so it really is one big family,” Bower said.

Family, including his wife of 67 years, Billie, is just one secret Szocinski said helped him make it to 100 years old.

“To be happy in life is to be charitable and helpful to people who are especially poor and the needy and people that need help,” Szocinski expressed.

Another thing that his daughter said has helped, is his personality.

“He’s the most genuine person that you’ll ever meet,” Bower said. “He’s very honest. He’s loving, he would do anything for you… I’m very lucky to have him around for a hundred years.”

What’s next for Casimer Szocinski?

“I am looking for the next 100,” he said.