“They’re doing everything possible to do this right” 10 hour Howell protest promotes peace


HOWELL, Mich. (WLNS)– Another protest in Mid-Michigan attracted hundreds of people to the Livingston County Courthouse lawn.

It was a peaceful protest, with people promoting the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, and standing against police brutality. Saying your peace, while keeping the peace, is something police say they can stand behind.

“They’re not even blocking the sidewalk, they’re not blocking the roads, they’re not blocking the sidewalk, they’re doing everything possible to do this right so we support that, we’re here for that,” said Deputy Chief for the Howell Police Department, Michael Dunn.

For a town with a history of racial tensions, protestors say that doesn’t represent their home anymore.

“We want to see Howell unite, we are not our past, we are the future,” said

“Howell, us being a historically racist town, we are not that anymore, and we’re here like, as you can see mostly the young people are coming in to change it,” said Abby Bisel.

Earlier this week, a social media post talked about burning down the city. Police concluded that the threats were not credible. Demonstrators say they’re happy how police handled it.

“I appreciated that, that the police department is actually here behind us and here to protect us, and they’re not against us,” Elizabeth Bisel.

There was more than one group of demonstrators though, the Second Amendment Patriots showed up on the courthouse lawn, to make sure the protests stayed peaceful.

“We just wanted to make sure that our home businesses get a good start back up off the Covid get a lot of people out here patronizing them and they don’t suffer anything if things turn a little bit south today” said Mark, a member of the Second Amendment Patroits.

Those who gathered on the lawn, stayed there. People made it a point, that you don’t need movement, to create movement.

“I was born and raised here, I stand with these people, and I’m here to show that I’m ready to fight for injustice,” said Jolin Cramer.

And to be a voice for those who may not have one.

“Show their voices, to put them to the front, don’t speak over them, it’s important that they know, we are here standing with them, and not standing in front of them” said Genevieve Schoeberlein.

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