This Morning: Absentee voting in the May 7th election?


If you’re hoping to vote in next Tuesday’s special election, there are a few ways to do it but the clock is ticking.

Voters approved some big changes back in November to the statewide voter registration system.

One of those, being that people can now register and get an absentee ballot all the way up until Election Day.

To find out if your county has a special election, click here.

If you have an absentee ballot already filled out, you’ll want to get it in the mail ASAP. 

It needs to get back to your clerk before the close of polls on Election Day.

If you still need to vote, the good news is you have options.

Instead of waiting in line on Tuesday, you can visit your local clerk’s office to apply and cast your ballot today, tomorrow, or even this weekend that way you can skip the long lines on Tuesday.

There is a catch, after Friday you will need to fill the ballot out at the clerk’s office, you can’t take it home with you.

Ingham County Clerk, Barb Byrum, says she hopes the new way of voting absentee will encourage more poeple to exercise their right to vote.

“Proposal 3 opened the opportunity for all registered voters to exercise their right to vote regardless of working an 8-5 shift or 12 hour shift or the obsticles stood in their way before. They no longer need a reason to vote by an absentee ballot. A ballot that is mailed to you, you can mail back or drop off. So I expect an increase voter partipation,” says Byrum.

Proposal 3 requires all local clerk’s to be open for 8 hours this weekend.

To check when that is in your area or view a sample of your ballot, head to the Secretary of State’s website by clicking here.

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