This Morning: Campus-wide survey looks at culture and perceptions at Michigan State University


Michigan State University will launch it’s first campus-wide survey focused on the culture, perceptions, and policies associated with sexual misconduct and relationship violence on campus today.

The survey will be sent out through email to both students and staff.

It will be optional. 

The goal is to paint a picture of what sexual misconduct and relationship violence looks like on campus.

The survey is part of what’s called The Know More campaign which highlights resources available to students and staff.

Acknowledging that misconduct does happen on campus.

Which is why University officials hope to use the results collected from this study toward prevention programs, policies, and additional resources at MSU.

“As we started to meet with groups last spring, we heard a lot of desire for more data more information and lots of ideas of what MSU should be doing to improve campus culture. And so this is a way that we can really have some information that we use to inform those decisions,” says Carrie Moylan, Asst. Professor in the School of Social Work at MSU.

She says when it comes to the types of questions, whe survey will ask about the sense of community on campus and perceptions of policies that are currently in place.. taking about 10 to 15 minutes.

Moylan also says the data will be shared with the community, including MSU’s Board of Trustees.

MSU is using an external research organization to conduct the survey, RTI International.

RTI is an independent, non-profit research organization with extensive experience designing and administering surveys of this kind.

The identity of all respondents, as well as individual-level responses to survey questions, will remain confidential and participation in the survey will be completely voluntary for students, faculty and staff.

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