This Morning: Delivery app, GoPuff, brings convenience items to Lansing residents


The days of last minute trips to the grocery store are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Now all it takes are a few taps on a screen and those items you desperately need show up within minutes at your door.

One convenience retailer taking advantage of the digital trend is the company called GoPuff.

“Our customers can go onto our app or on to our website to see over 2,000 convenience store like products order them, and they’ll get delivered to them wherever they are at home the officer, wherever, super fast,” says Liz Romaine, GoPuff Spokesperson.

For a small delivery fee the company says it provides household mainstays like snacks, toilet paper, and diapers in less than 30 minutes.

Hiring drivers who pack and deliver items straight from its warehouse.

In Lansing, that’s located along Michigan Avenue.

No physical store needed.

“Because it’s in our facilities, it allows us to get to your order very quickly and get it into the delivery process as soon as possible,” says Romaine.

Setting it apart from similar services like Shipt, Uber Eats, or GrubHub.

That tap and purchase mindset is growing.

In fact, a study from the consulting firm Pentellect projects the $13-billion third-party food delivery service industry will nearly double over the next few years.

Looking more like the delivery trend won’t be dropping off the radar any time soon.

According to Romaine, the most popular item ordered at GoPuff in Lansing so far is flaming hot cheetos between the hours of 9PM-midnight.

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