This Morning: Do you have a library card? You might want one


Each September, libraries around the nation work together to get more people to sign up for a library card.

Library staff say having a card can help save hundreds of dollars on educational resources and services for students.

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“She just found a book this morning as we were here, that’s great,” says Stacey Camp, referring to her daughter Lana.

“I couldn’t afford their book habit or my book habit if it wasn’t for the library,” says Camp.

The Camp’s say not only do they really take advantage of the free books, but also the programs the library offers as well.

“This past summer, Lana did the escape rooms, which was really exciting,” says Camp.

During the month of September, libraries nationwide join together to stress the importance of having a library card.

“You can use it traditional ways like to check out a book, or a movie.. but you can also check out things,” says Capital Area District Libraries, Executive Director, Scott Duimstra.

Those things, include board games, Roku, audio books, sewing machines, instruments, even a fit bit, mobile hot spot, or passes to the zoo.

“There’s nothing that we’ve found that has all of the uses that the library card has,” says Duimstra.

Duimstra is on a mission to change opinions about libraries being referred to as “dinosaurs.”

Saying they’ve evolved to keep up with the times, even going digital.

Giving those who can’t make it into the library no excuse for not signing up.

“It’s truly a card that empowers individuals,” says Duimstra.

Providing literacy education, a place for people to connect, and of course Tyson’s favorite part, the games on the computers.

Click here to find out how you can get a library card without even leaving your home.

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