This Morning: EL City officials continue to look into use of electric scooters


City officials continue to look into the use of electric scooters in East Lansing.

Scooters were dropped off in the city without permission last month. Since then many residents have expressed concerns.

City officials say they’re open to working with both scooter companies, Bird and Lime.

But now the question is focused around safety.

Council Member, Ruth Beier, says she’s looking at two main concerns.

The first, finding a way to educate users on the rules of the road, including coming up with a way to announce when a scooter is passing by a bicycle to avoid a wreck.

The second, finding a place to park scooters so those with mobility issues can get around them on sidewalks and ramps.

So far, she has one possible solution in mind.

“Some cities have done this really cool thing with the Birds, or it would work with either brand. They built these things called Bird Boxes. They’re close to places that people ride them and they’re just basically squares painted on the sidewalks so that people can put the scooters back there. That way they’re out of the way,” says Beier.

Though there may be some safety concerns to address, overall she believes the scooters are good for the city as East Lansing moves to become more modern.

She says Council members will continue looking into whether new ordinances need to be created to regulate the scooters, but for now the scooters aren’t going away until it starts to snow.

The electric scooter companies remove scooters during the winter months.

If you’d like to share your feedback on the electric scooters in East Lansing, the city has added a spot where you can fill out a form up on it’s website.

There is also additional safety information on the city’s website as well.

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