This Morning: Electric Scooters are sticking around


Birds are taking over the streets of East Lansing.. bird scooters that is.

Electric scooters first made an appearance in the city earlier this month but the way the company went about it isn’t sitting well with some city officials.

The electric scooters are popping up in cities across the country.

In East Lansing, just like many others, the scooters were dropped off without any city officials knowing beforehand.

In fact, just 24 hours after they arrived the city of East Lansing took to Facebook saying they’ve received several questions about the scooters and officials were looking into how to address the issue.

We’ve received several inquiries about the Bird scooters in downtown East Lansing. The City was not notified by the company prior to these arriving in the downtown’s public right-of-way and our staff is currently looking at how to address the issue. Our staff is aware that there have been some community concerns and feedback has been passed along to the appropriate staff members. For anyone who chooses to use these scooters in the meantime, we ask that they be operated in a safe manner with pedestrian safety in mind. It is illegal to operate these vehicles under the influence or recklessly/carelessly and operators can be prosecuted for those violations. – City of East Lansing

Since then, a representative from Bird did meet with East Lansing City Council Members last week.

City officials say they’re pretty excited to have the new, greener technology in East Lansing.

However Bird will need to act like a business by paying the income tax, communicating with city officials and teaching it’s users how to use the service safely.

“I haven’t seen any problems caused by them so I think they’re fine,” says MSU Freshman Makenna Carroll.

“I think with the proper like instructions and like hey we’re working with the city, we’ve got the clearance, here’s how you work it, this is how they should be handled..I think they can actually be beneficial to the campus,” says MSU Junior, Matthew Kowalczyk.

MSU wrote a letter to Bird earlier this month saying that the university has several issues with the company including operation and parking.

Writing that if a scooter is parked illegally, according to MSU’s ordinances, the scooter could be collected and disposed of.

However it looks like the scooters aren’t going away any time soon.

The electric scooter company “Lime” also met with East Lansing officials.

It’s hoping to launch scooters in both East Lansing and Lansing as well.

For more information about how the scooters operate, click here.

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