This Morning: Inside look at the world’s largest library collection of comic books


Comic book enthusiasts travel far and wide to get a glimpse of the largest library collection of comic books in the world.

If you’re in Lansing.. it’s just down the road.

Randy Scott is in charge of the largest publicaly available comic book collection in the world.

“We had a guy try to count them and he came up with over 300,000,” says Scott.

The art is housed alphabetically on shelves in boxes in the basement of Michigan State University’s Library. 

There’s also some at another site near the Capital airport.

The colorful comics are wrapped carefully to preserve them as long as possible.

“These are such cheap old paper that there was an acid in them when they were made and any kind of moisture and light speeds up the deterioration of the paper,” says Scott.

But it’s not just the work of famous comic strip artists like Bob Montana and John Buscema who’s art you’ll find protected here.

Names like Pera Low, line the shelves as well.

“It’s hand water colored, hand screen printed, hand embossed. I did a lot to this cover,” says Low.

Low is a senior at MSU.

She took advantage of the University’s “Comic Art and Graphic Novels” minor taught by Ryan Claytor where students learn to create their own comics and sell them.

Click here to learn more about the Comic Art and Graphic Novels minor.

“I’ve had music students, game design students, grad students, undergrads, it’s really across the board,” says Claytor, Comics Professor at MSU.

Claytor says the minor mixes art and literature classes. Telling us many of his students have went on to work at top comic book companies and places like Cartoon Network.

But no matter how successful, many of those first drawing stay right here.

“They have a signing party over at the comic book store across the street and I go over there and buy them,” says Scott.

Becoming part of a famous collection available for anyone to check out.

“That’s that’s exciting for them and for me. Because you know we have now another dozen comic books that no other library in the world will ever have,” Scott.

Click here for more information on the Minor in Animation and Comics Storytelling in Media.

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