This Morning: Interested in electronic cars? Now’s your chance to get behind the wheel


 If you’ve ever been interested in electric cars, today is your chance to get behind the wheel.

The Michigan Agency for Energy is hosting it’s second “Ride & Drive” event where you can test drive plug-in vehicles.

“I’ve had this car for a little over a year,” says EV Owner, Julie Baldwin.

Baldwin has a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

Hybrid meaning it runs off both gas and an electric charge.

Though she paid a pretty penny, she says having an electric car is worth it if it means saving money on gasoline in the long run.

“I was going to the gas station every 3 days before I got this vehicle and now if conditions are perfect I can go two weeks,” says Baldwin.

A feature Baldwin wants Michiganders to take advantage of too.

She’s with the Michigan Agency for Energy, an organization hosting it’s second ride and drive event in Lansing that will highlight the environmentally friendly cars.

“One of the missions of the Michigan agency for energy is to build healthy communities and sustainable economic growth and this is a way we can do that,” says Executive Director of the Michigan Agency for Energy, Anne Armstrong Cusack.

Attendees will get the chance to learn about electronic vehicles and even take one for a ride.

Getting the opportunity to ask questions about charging, benefits, and cost savings.

“I think electric vehicles are a wonderful option for people who want to drive a cleaner car,” says Baldwin.

The event will take place at the Michigan Agency for Energy from 9am-1pm on Thursday, September 13th. 

It is free and if you have an electric vehicle or hybrid you’re encouraged to bring it to the event to help inform others.

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