This Morning: Lansing City Council to decide whether to override Mayor Schor’s veto


Lansing City Council will decide tonight whether to override Mayor Andy Schor’s veto.

The Mayor wants to use city funds to create two new positions in the city, while City Council wants to only create one.

The Mayor says neighborhoods are a big priority to him, hearing from residents all the time about doing more.

Why he wants to take about $60,000 of the city’s budget to create a Neighborhood Coordinator.

This person would work alongside two other staff members currently in the department to create new programs and volunteer opportunities for people who live in Lansing.

“With all the work that we’re doing, it’s really more than one person can handle. Plus we were looking to do a lot of innovation work within that department to make sure that we’re able to do analytics and things on where resources should go, so we wanted that department to do a lot,” says Mayor Schor.

Under the Mayor’s plan, he would also create a second position using about $130,000 for a Chief Strategy Officer.

A city employee who would oversee Lansnig’s long-term financial goals.

However city council voted this plan down last month.

They say instead of creating two new positions, all of the money should go toward just one.

A Chief Strategy Officer, elimintating a neighborhood coordinator from the budget.

“We’re not saying that that department can’t grow, we’re not saying that there might be other ways that they might be able to fund that position but out of general fund dollars right now we don’t believe that that is a position that needs to be filled at this current time,” says Council President, Carol Wood.

Wood says council wants to use about $190,000 for a Chief Strategy Officer with the goal of attracting the right person to the job for the people of Lansing.

Tonight, council will vote again.

It will take 6 votes to override Mayor Schor’s veto.

The meeting will take place tonight at City Hall at 6:30PM.

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