This Morning: Lansing remembers 9/11 terrorist attacks, history behind memorial in Wentworth Park


It’s the 17th anniversary of the terror attacks on America.

On September 11, 2001 nearly 3,000 American’s lost their lives and today there will be several ceremonies across the country dedicated to remembering them.

One of those will take place in downtown Lansing at Wentworth Park.

A place most of us have been to but not realize the significance of the 900lb piece of steel from the World Trade Center.

“We were really trying to get something one year after,” says Director for the City of Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department, Brett Kaschinske.

In August of 2002 he says a group of city officials traveled to Staten Island to bring back a piece of the rubble.

Not more than 5 weeks later, that piece was on display in downtown Lansing.

“I do remember those days after, people and artifacts resting here at the memorial and that was pretty impactful because it really was something that changed folks lives forever,” says Kaschinske..

Today the disfigured 10 foot steel beam sits on the corner of Michigan and Grand Avenue in Wentworth Park. 

Showcasing a symbol of strength.

“You just realize that a 900 piece of steel was just bent and ripped in every direction and you realize the destruction that took place that day and the power of the incident and I think that’s what really is reflected here in the memorial,” says Kaschinske.

Kaschinske also believes it offers an important place to never forget.

“I think when people see the power of what happened there it just physically too it’s really impactful on folks,” says Kaschinske.

A reshaped beam and a living remember of a day that also reshaped our community.

“Terrorism doesn’t win. The freedoms that we know and love really win out. That’s what we want people to come down here and celebrate. Obviously we want to remember those that sacrifice, but really that terrorism doesn’t win,” says Kaschinske.

At 8:30am the public is welcome to join Mayor Andy Schor and members of the Lansing Police and Fire Department as they gather at Wentworth Park to remember the events that happened 17-years ago today.

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