This Morning: Livingston County man creates “SafeSubs” app to look after children in neighborhoods


A Howell dad created an app to help keep track of his kids and now he’s hoping other parents will take advantage of it as well.

It’s called the “SafeSubs” app.

“We ask our kids to tell us where they’re going in the neighborhood but ultimately there are distractions and they could bounce to another house,” says Chris Pagett.

An issue Chris Pagett says he realized when a child wanted to play with his kids but Pagett didn’t have the boy’s parents contact info.. sending the child home to tell his parents where he was first.

It was then, Pagett says he knew there must be an easier way.

The SafeSubs app lets parents check kids in, notifying other parents of their child’s location.

It also lets parents send messages, list curfews, and even allergies in case a child shows up around lunch time.

“This is one way that will allow people that don’t neccisarly communicate all the time to be able to let everybody know that they are a caring parents and they are keeping an eye on the kids when they do come into their neighborhood,” says Pagett.

Giving children the freedom to roam house to house without cell phones, tracking devices, or worrying about no communication at all.

Through the app, parents can also list their child in the “hangout” section to let other parents know their children are available to play.

When parents want their children sent home, they can also request that through the app.

The SafeSubs app is free for both Apple and Android users.

Pagett says it’s designed with safety in mind.

There’s a way you can make neighborhoods public and private.

You can also block people who try to enter the app and don’t live in the neighborhood.

Click here for more information on the SafeSubs app.

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