This Morning: Man files lawsuit against city of Grand Ledge for racial discrimination


The city of Grand Ledge is facing a lawsuit filed by a former Public Works employee.

59 year old, Jeff Mitchner, says his boss retaliated against him after he reported racial comments made by his supervisor, Nick DiOrio.

Mitchner says the incident happened in June.

Then two weeks later, he says the Public Works Superintendent tried to get him to drop the claim through intimidation tactics.

Now he’s taking legal action against the city.

In the lawsuit, Mitchner claims that Grand Ledge Public Works Superintendent, Victor Rose, intimidated him.

Saying if something happens to DiOrio’s job, it was on Mitchner.

The lawsuit also states after Mitchner reported the situation, his hours were cut and not restored until Mitchner’s Union filed a grievance with the city.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchner claims Rose continuously reprimanded him based off of false claims, creating a hostile work environment which led him to resign.

Mitchner now wants the court to find the city of Grand Ledge in violation of multiple discriminatory practices.

6-News is working to get comment from the city of Grand Ledge and from the Public Works Superintendent.

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