This Morning: Meridian Township voters will decide on local roads next Tuesday


Voters in Meridian Township will decide next week if they want to pay more to fix local roads or keep bumping down the street.

The proposed plan will repair nearly 150 miles of roadway but smooth surfaces come at a price.

It’s a familiar sight in Meridian Township.

Signs lining the streets, convincing residents to vote no or yes to fix Meridian roads.

“The voters in Meridian Township will decide whether they want to spend $35 million over the next ten years to fix 147 miles of roads in Meridian Township, all local roads,” says Township Manager, Frank Walsh.

Walsh says those with a market value $300,000 home pay around $37 a year to fix roads currently.. but he says that doesn’t cut it.

“When you have 147 miles of streets that will allow you to get there about once every 47 years,” says Walsh.

Walsh says last year they could only repave about 3 miles with that money.

Why the Township is asking voters to approve a new plan.

Allow the Township to take on debt and increase property taxes by about 1.7 mills.

Meaning those paying about $37 a year (with a market value $300,000 home) would pay around $250 more every year for the next ten years.

While many are on board with the idea, others have concerns.

“One of the questions asked is what if the state comes through with some funding,” says Walsh.

Walsh says if that’s the case, the Township will reduce the amount taxed to residents.

Others ask about current construction projects.

To that, Walsh says there won’t be enough revenue to sustain them going forward.

Also a big concern lies in private neighborhoods.

Walsh says those residents express not wanting to double dip.. paying twice for their streets.

But come August 6th, voters in Meridian Township will make a decision.

Walsh says if the vote is no, the roads and the tax will stay the same.

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