This Morning: Michigan measles linked to outbreak in New York


State health officials have tracked down Michigan’s “patient zero” when it comes to the measles.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the traveler drove to Detroit from New York last month.

Recent reports state the man went to see a doctor in Detroit, but that doctor had never seen the measles before and misdiagnosed the man’s fever and cough as bronchitis.

Health officials say the doctor later called the Health Department worried it was measles when noticing a rash on the man’s face.

But by the time officials caught up with him, the man had already spread the highly contagious virus to nearly 40 people in Southeast Michigan, visiting Kosher Markets and attending Synagogue’s daily.

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State health officials say the man traveled from Israel to Brooklyn where he stayed for about 2 months before heading to Detroit in early March to raise money for charity.

We caught up with a nurse to find out just how contagious measles actually is.

“It’s even more aerisolised than influenza. Influenza the droplets are very heavy and they tend to go to surfaces. In measles, they tend to stay in the air so actually a person with measles that’s contagious that goes into that subway car, after they leave that virus can still be in the air for a few hours,” says Phyllis McLellan, Patient Safety Specialist at Sparrow.

On Wednesday, three additional cases of measles were confirmed in Michigan raising the total to 42.

Of those cases, one had an exposure location in Ingham County.

The person stopped at the Speedway gas station on Pennsylvania Ave. in Lansing on April 11th.

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