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This Morning: MSU Greek community partners with Uber to stop drunk driving


The days of designated drivers are changing.

No longer are friends volunteering for the task, instead with a few taps.. ride share programs like Uber and Lyft roll in with a driver at your service.

As party-goers, employeers, and tourists around the country take advantage of this, so are college students. Including those at Michigan State University.

“When they go and request or call that Uber, that money comes out of the Panhellenic account, says Maddie O’Toole, Panhellenic President at MSU.

O’Toole represents the 14 sorority chapters on campus.

She says a group of sorority members on campus took it upon themselves to reach out to Uber in an effort to crack down on drunk driving in the Greek community.

“They (Uber) often partner with multiple businesses, so we just said to them it’s a little bit smaller of a scale sort of thing but they’ve done this before and it was a really seamless process,” says O’Toole.

She says though the partnership, students pay money at the beginning of the year so they don’t pay extra later when surcharges are high and might discourage students from making a smart decision.

“The last thing we want our members to do is ya know, weigh that kind of decision on a cost,” says O’Toole.

She hopes this will cut down on students choosing to drink and drive. 

Others believe it can also be a better option than walking home alone at night.

“It’s not easy to go out of your way to ask someone to come get you because not many people have their cars on campus” says Hailey Byers, Sophomore at MSU.

While O’Toole says drinking is not encouraged, she understands it does happen.

Hoping this will provide a safer option for students to keep them from driving drunk.

MSU Police have said they are aware and happy about the partnership.

The women hope to expand the program to fraternities on campus in the future as well.

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