After nearly 3 years, Jackson County Public Safety officials will now be able to use it’s new communication system.

The system will officially launch Wednesday morning for all law enforcement agencies.

Voters approved a measure in 2016 to upgrade the 911 radio system in Jackson County.

Leading up to the launch, Jackson County Undersheriff Christopher A. Kuhl, says hundreds of portable and car radios needed to be purchased along with fire pagers. In addition, new towers were built in Hanover, Columbia, and Springport Townships.

He says the new system will help first responders when they need to call for backup, making it easier to communicate with state police and federal agencies.

Plus, Kuhl says dead zones are a thing of the past.

The no longer have to worry about dropping service when on the street.

“Your radio will automatically tell you if you’re out of range. So you’ll automatically know whether you don’t have connectivity back to the system so there’s no guessing whether you do or you don’t. Versus on our old system, you had no idea whether you were getting out to central dispatch or not,” says Kuhl.

He says the $7.2 million project will allow police and fire officials to get to those in need quicker, with more accurate information.

The switch to the new system will happen for law enforcement at 6AM on Wednesday.

Fire departments will follow in the next few weeks.