This Morning: New “Vein Viewer” technology means fewer needle pokes at McLaren Greater Lansing


A new medical device is helping to east things up a bit for nurses and patients at McLaren Greater Lansing’s hospital.

It’s called the Vein Veiwer 2 and finds veins faster and with more precision.

That’s a vein right there we could use, says RN, Bea Yohannes.

She’s using a new medical device that helps visualize blood vessels.

Then it just kind of goes all the way down the arm, says Yohannes.

The Vein Viewer, uses infa-red lights to project a high-definition map of a patient’s veins onto any area of their body so that nurses can both see and feel what they’re looking for.

It’s safe for all ages, says Emergency Room Educator, Taryn Hull.

Hull says the new technology will be used in the hospital’s emergency department.

Increasing how quickly nurses can start treating patients and decreasing the number of needle pricks needed to draw blood.

Maybe you’re not the biggest fan of needles, but for nurses like Yohannes, she says it makes her job a bit easier when pricking people who may be uncomfortable.

“It’s something I’ve done for six and a half years every single day. I don’t think there’s ever been a day when I haven’t started an IV on somebody, says Yohannes.

Those IVs she says, aren’t always the easiest to start.

“People who get multiple health problems, get multiple pokes all the time. Many times their veins end up being difficult to find because that overuse of trying to get that vascular access on them, says Yohannes.

Which is why Yohannes says using this high-tech tools gives her peace of mind and patients something they might not want to turn away from.

“They can see us using the vein finder, and they know we’re going to get it, one shot, says Yohannes.

Nurses say another plus of the new technology is that they hope it will help distract young patients making it a fun process instead of a scary one.

Sparrow Health System uses a similar device called AccuVein in it’s Emergency Department as well.

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