This Morning: Protecting yourself from Black Friday scams


According to new research, the time is now to make sure you protect yourself from cyber-criminals.

TransUnion says about 75% of Americans plan to do at least half of their holiday shopping online this year and the biggest days are on their doorstep.

When shopping online this Friday, here are some tips to avoid scams:

  • Don’t click on attachments or links in emails. Hackers can copy a store’s sale email and include a link to a false website.
  • Beware of e-skimmers. Remember how you were told to watch for these at ATM’s and gas stations? Now it’s gone digital. Meaning try using Pay-Pal or a virtual credit card number instead of your real card number to pay for items online.
  • Don’t make purchases when on public wifi networks.
  • Inspect physical gift cards for tampering when buying them in the store. Criminals can write down the card number in the store and drain the funds before they’re even gifted.

Sadly, this is the time of year when scammers are out in full force, so you’ll want to monitor your accounts closely.

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