This Morning: “Pulse Point” app aims to help victims of cardiac arrest faster


A new smartphone app is saving lives by notifying those trained in CPR that help is needed nearby.

It’s called “Pulse Point” and just launched in Livingston County.

One notification, that’s all it takes to help save a life.

“It aids us in getting bystander CPR when it’s needed when people are in proximity,” says Brighton Fire Chief, Michael O’Brian.

Bystander CPR can be done in just two steps: call 911 & push hard and fast.

According to the American Heart Association, performing it when someone goes into cardiac arrest, can almost triple their chance of survival.

With the Pulse Point app, users can download it and sign up to get notifications when someone nearby needs help.

If you’ve been trained for CPR you can also choose to get those alerts as well.

Livingston County is the first in the state to use the app.

O’Brian is urging people to sign up.

“When there’s an emergency we need them to dial 911. So our dispatch center starts taking the call and they start processing the call and as soon as they hit the button to send it to the fire trucks, that’s when it alerts pulse point. So while our staff is getting ready and trying to figure out mapping and location it’s already been blasted out,” says O’Brian.

Those nearby are sent an alert, directions, and directions to the closest AED kit.

The goal, is to reach the victim faster.

“It’s not just going to work in Livingston County. If you’ve check the box that says CPR response, if you travel and you’re around the U.S. this app is going to alert you in many communities,” says O’Brian.

Hundreds of thousands of people go into cardiac arrest outside of the hospital each year and almost all of those people die according to the American Heart Association.

This app, can help people get to them faster to try to help.

Click here for more information on the Pulse Point app

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