THIS MORNING: Recycling Contamination at Drop-Off in Jackson


Changes are being made at a recycling drop-off center in Jackson.

Officials at Granger Waste Services are asking people to follow it’s recycling guidelines after high levels of contamination were found at it’s drop off center.

In a statement released by the company, the recycling center, located at 2600 Lansing Ave. in Jackson is experiencing extreme contamination.

Contamination occurs when incorrect items or materials are placed in the recycling stream or when the right items or materials are prepared in the wrong way.

Officials are encouraging residents to make their recycling count by recycling right.

They say following guidelines is the best way to ensure recycling can be processed correctly.

Guidelines are posted on the signs at the drop-off and on the Granger website at

To make your recycling county, avoid bringing the following materials to the Recycling Drop-off Center:   

  • Plastic bags

Plastic bags are not accepted for recycling at the Jackson Recycling Drop-off Center. These items cause contamination when mixed with other recyclable and can cause disruption to the recycling process and damage to recycling equipment. Recyclables should not be placed in plastic bags when placed in containers. All materials should be placed loose in the recycling containers. Bags may be taken to local grocery retailers to be recycled.

  • Bulky, Rigid Plastics

Bulky, rigid plastics are not accepted at the Jackson Recycling Drop-off. Bulky, rigid plastics commonly include plastic totes, buckets or pails, plastic toys, plastic lawn furniture and plastic laundry baskets. These items can be properly disposed of at the Granger Disposal Center of Jackson.

Granger is responding to high levels of recycling contamination, as well as outright trash dumping at the Jackson Recycling Drop-off Center by limiting hours of access.

Beginning July 2, the Recycling Drop-off Center will be open Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon.

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