This Morning: Reminders for an allergy-free Halloween


Halloween is almost here but a holiday centered around candy can be tough for children with food allergies.

For parents of children with food allergies, Halloween treats can be terrifying.

“A lot of candies that we think are non allergenic such as lollipops or fruit candies actually are produced in factories where there are nuts and and milk which can end up causing an allergy in a kid., says Dr. Stephanie Zguris MD. 

Zguris is a pediatric doctor at Sparrow Hospital.

She sees an uptick in patients with food allergies around this time of year.

Often it’s due to a change in a candy’s ingredients or the simple fact that it’s a treat the child has never had before.

She says children can have all sorts of allergies and reactions when it comes to candy, some more severe than others.

“It can be a rash that can form, it can be difficulty breathing, it can be nausea and vomiting,” says Zguris.

The two biggest allergies for children in the U.S. are milk and eggs.

Two of the most common ingredients in candy because of the chocolate. Then comes peanuts at number 3.

Because of that, she encourage parents to be prepared.

Checking your child’s sugary treats and keeping any epi-pens or inhalers on hand during the Halloween hunt.

Click here for a list of ingredients in some of your favorite candies.

“If they’re complaining that their throat is feeling itchy or tight or they’re feeling an itchy sensation in their mouth you want to make sure that you ask them about that,” says Zguris.

Zguris says there are no better candies than others to choose from when it comes to allergies.

But if you want to truly be allergy free doctors recommend handing out non-candy items like coloring books or pencils.

There’s also a national campaign known as the “Teal Pumpkin Project.”

If you see a teal pumpkin sitting outside a home this Halloween, it means they should have a bag of allergy free items.

The simple act promotes inclusion for trick or treaters with allergies.

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