This Morning: Report shows overall health of people in Tri-County area

Local health organizations, including the Barry-Eaton District Health Department, have released the Healthy! Capital Counties 2018, an assessment and prioritization of community-wide health compiled to encourage collaborative, data-driven decision-making and policies in the tri-counties.

The report has two major components.

The first is an assessment of the current state of community health in Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties.

The second is the identification of regional community health priorities.

The priorities were identified by health and human service organizations and community members from across the region following the assessment.

These priorities will guide many local community health efforts over the next three years.

The Healthy! Capital Counties health priorities for 2019-2021 are:

•         Behavioral Health

•         Health Care Access and Quality

•         Obesity

•         Financial Stability and Economic Mobility

•         Chronic Disease

“The Healthy! Capital Counties project gathers community feedback through a variety of mechanisms to ensure that the process is community-driven,” said Susan Peters, Health Analyst for the Barry-Eaton District Health Department. “As the project moves forward on addressing the identified health priorities, we will continue to partner with community organizations and stakeholders to improve health for people in Eaton County and the greater tri-county area.”

Guided by the health priorities, community partners will work to improve local health outcomes over the next three years.

Many organizations use Healthy! Capital Counties to guide their organization’s action plans and funding priorities.

Key findings in the 2018 assessment include:

•         Compared to the state, the tri-county area is doing worse on measures of adult obesity, adult smoking, and adolescent mental health.

•         There was a significant increase in adult obesity in the region. It rose from 23.9% to 33.6% over the past few years.

•         Compared to the state, the tri-county area is doing better on measures of access to primary health care providers and preventable hospitalizations.

•         All areas of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties have experienced an increase in the number of adults 18-64 years of age with health insurance coverage.

The community health assessment is conducted every three years.

The report uses quantitative data, such as that pulled from vital records and other sources, and qualitative data, such as that gathered during focus groups and community surveys, to form a complete picture of community health that goes beyond health care.

It includes social factors like affordable housing and education, and also more traditional health outcome measures, such as mortality and chronic disease rates.

Healthy! Capital Counties partners include: Barry-Eaton District Health Department, Ingham County Health Department, Mid-Michigan District Health Department, Sparrow Health System, McLaren-Greater Lansing, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital, and Eaton Rapids Medical Center. The 2018 assessment is the third report produced by the Healthy! Capital Counties consortium.

To access the 2018 Healthy! Capital Counties report, visit

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