This Morning: Researchers warn potential dangers of DIY sunscreen


A new warning this morning from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Researchers say parents should be aware of potential dangers when it comes to popular “do-it-yourself” projects.

One in particular, being DIY sunscreen.

Social media sites like YouTube and Pinterest have changed the way people find new crafts and recipies.

Many promising natural or organic alternatives to every day products.

But new research from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows some DIY projects fall short of the hype and can actually pose a danger.

“As parents we want to think we’re providing the best for our children and there is a growing movement of wanting all of those products to be natural and organic that implies safe non-toxic but that’s not always the case,” says Lara McKenzie at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Researchers focused on DIY sunscreen recipies found on Pinterest.

They found nearly all posts claimed some level of sun protection.

Many including SPF levels up to 50.

However researchers say the ingrediants reccommended offer minimal proven protection from UV rays.

“When we don’t know the effectiveness of homemade sunscreen recipies that have been shown online we’re taking a risk with our children with ourselves and that risk is a really bad sunburn or skin cancer in the future,” says McKenzie.

According to the study, sunscreens you buy at the store are regulated by the FDA. 

They’re required to list all ingrediants and have a proven level of both UVA and UVB protection.

“I would recommend that people stick with what we know is effective and the commercially available products that are tested to certain safety standards and meet all of those criteria,” says McKenzie.

So what are some good sunscreens if you choose to buy from the store?

Consumer Reports released it’s annual list of best sunscreens to protect your family.

A few that made it out on top of the list for effectiveness include Banana Boat and Walgreens brands both selling for under $15.

Click here for Consumer Reports best sunscreens list

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