Hundreds of bicyclists will take off from Michigan State University’s campus tonight for Greater Lansing’s annual “Ride of Silence.”

The ride honors those who’ve been injured or killed while on a bike by a motor vehicle and also a time to remind drivers that we all share the road.

Tonight cyclists, not just in Ingham County, but also around the world will ride together in silence.

Cyclists in the Greater Lansing Area will take off from Wells Hall on MSU’s campus at 6:30PM.

Sign up starts at 5:15PM.

The ride is about 9 miles long.

It goes through campus to the Capitol Building in downtown Lansing and back.

There will be a police escort.

Once it’s over, the group will gather at Lansing Brewing Company to celebrate the lives of cyclists who’ve died and encourage safer streets for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

“As everyone knows the roads are really rough and we have to a lot of times swerve around potholes or dead animals. So the reason is we need room to navigate around things and we’re not protected by anything. I would say give it more than 3 feet if you can and crossing the double yellow line is not against the law,” says Tim Potter, Sustainable Transportation Manager at MSU’s Bike Service Center.

In addition to today’s ride, cyclist Jill Byelich is also being respected this month.

She was a DeWitt cyclist and mother of two who was killed by a distracted driver in 2014.

You might see a few billboards in her honor around downtown Lansing.

Helmets are required during the silent ride.

The event is free and anyone can take part.