This Morning: Salon offers haircuts to children with special needs


A new salon in Lansing is catering to children with special needs.

The goal, is to make the experience a little smoother for both children and their parents.

Getting a haircut is simple for most.

But for others like Dominic Blatnik and his mother Catherine, it’s a challenging task.

“Dominic was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 1/2 years old, then ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder at 3 years old and then epilepsy four years ago,” says Cathy.

She says her son has sensitivity to light and sound.

Meaning even a loud pair of clippers can overwhelm him.

“He’s had ten seizures because of different changes in his routine or going just, anything that’s really loud, kind of makes him shut down and not cooperate,” says Cathy.

After years of “at-home” haircuts, Cathy says it’s a place like H & M Clubhouse she’s been longing for.

Owner, Kelsey Simpson, says she opened the salon after realizing how scary haircuts can be for children.

“Some stylists just dive right in and start cutting whereas I try to introduce them to the clipper. I’ll touch their arm or say here feel it, it’s okay,” says Simpson.

While the child-themed hair salon offers services to all kids, it specializes in working with autistic children or those with special needs.

Offering private services, quiet noises, even dim lighting to make clients more comfortable.

“It’s really hard to find a word to explain and I think it’s fabulous,” says Cathy.

For more resources, visit the mid-Michigan Autism Association’s website.

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