This Morning: Scammers claiming to be MSP troopers demand personal information


A new phone scam is targeting people who live in Lansing.

The caller demands personal information claiming they’re from the Michigan State Police.

Authorities warn criminals are using phone numbers that make it appear they’re calling from the Michigan State Police Lansing Post.

They say you’re a victim of a crime and try to obtain personal information.

“When they pick up they say Michigan State Police you’re a victim of identity theft we need you know your banking information or social security numbers,” says Trooper Rasey Jupin.

Tpr. Jupin works for the Lansing Post.

He says scammers tend to act like they’re an official and talk to the victim with a sense of urgency to scare them into giving up information.

“It can be nervewracking for some people who are questioning what’s going on,” says Tpr. Jupin.

Authorities say they will never call or email you when you’re the victim of a crime.

Instead, during the course of an actual criminal investigation, personal information is needed, a trooper would contact you in person.

To avoid becoming a victim of a scam:

– Do not answer calls from unknown numbers.
– Do not give personal information to unknown callers.
– Ask for a call-back name and number and use a reliable source to confirm the phone number or email.
– Report any suspicious contacts to police.

“The most important thing you can do is not hand out your information and then you know call the Michigan State Police post that’s closest to you,” says Tpr. Jupin.

The Federal Trade Commission does have a “Do Not Call” List.

It may not help in all situations, but if you’d like to sign up the number is : 1-888-382-1222.

Or you can visit

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