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UPDATE: Sheriffs race stock cars at Corrigan Oil Speedway to build community relationships


UPDATE: Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy won stock car race tonight at Corrigan Oil Speedway in Mason.

ORIGINAL STORY: Four local law enforcement officers will face off in a stock car race tonight during an event at Corrigan Oil Speedway in Mason and they’re hoping the public will help cheer them on.

There’s a race happening tonight but after intermission (around 8PM) Ingham County Sheriff, Scott Wriggelsworth, Clinton County Sheriff, Larry Jerue, Eaton County Sheriff, Tom Reich, and Livingston County Sheriff, Mike Murphy will borrow a racer’s stock car for their own race.

Each Sheriff will donate $100 to the race and the winner gets to give it to the charity of their choice.

They’ve all been trained in emergency vehicle operations, but say racing a stock car at high speeds in a circle.. is very different.

They’re hoping it will give the public a chance to interact with local law enforcement, root for their favorite Sheriff, and realize they’re human too.

“We’re regular people. I’ve been to (formerly) Spartan Speedway numerous times. I grew up just down the street and have always wanted to race there,” says Sheriff Wriggelsworth.

“I have a very skilled, trained, level of deputies here who are experts in deployment of stop sticks. If i’m way at the back, and the other three are in front, they’ll be strategically located around the track. Deploy the stop sticks and then of course I will be able to move quietly and silently into the lead,” jokes Sheriff Jerue.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve exceeded the speed limit in a patrol car before, but this will be a totally new experience for me,” jokes Sheriff Murphy.

“This is an opportunity for us to go out there and have fun and do some laps and see what happens,” says Sheriff Reich.

The race tonight starts at 7:30PM and the speedway’s owner says the Sheriff’s race will start around 8PM.

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