This Morning: State Canvassers to consider petition language to recall Jackson Co. Sheriff


The fate of Jackson County Sheriff, Steve Rand, could soon lie in the hands of voters.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers will look into a recall petition aimed at removing Rand from office.

Rand has been under fire since February when a sheriff’s office employee, Tommy Schuette, sued him for discrimination and released audio recordings of Rand making derogatory comments.

Petition language was filed last month to remove rand from office.

The Board of State Canvassers will consider that request today, looking at the language to determine if it factually and clearly states each reason for the recall of Rand.

The reasons for the recall in the heading of the petition are as followed:

Sheriff Steven P. Rand is a multifaced bigot, having made numerous slurs in the presence of many individuals. Including blacks, gays, women, hispanics, overweight people and disabled people.”

If approved, the petition would need to get more than 13,000 signatures in the next six months.

If successful, a recall election could take place, leaving it up to the voters whether or not Rand will keep his job as Sheriff.

The controversy surrounding Rand has been developing since February when a lieutenant, Tommy Schuette, sued him for discrimination and released audio clips of Rand making derogatory comments.

Click here for a link to the recordings provided by our media partners at M-Live.

6-News spoke to Dean Schuette, Tommy Schuette’s father, who is hoping to collect the signatures for a recall election.

Dean Schuette says after months of waiting for Governor Snyder to remove Sheriff Rand from office, he’s taking matters into his own hands by filing the petition language.

“The people of Jackson County and the state of Michigan have to put up with this type of person as their leader and it’s not necessary,” says Dean Schuette.

Rand chose to stay in office despite calls for his resignation earlier this year.

He was stripped of his benefits after missing the May 1st deadline to step down.

6-News reached out to Sheriff Rand for comment.

He didn’t answer however Rand did apologize for his comments on the recordings earlier this year saying this doesn’t represent his character.

“The words at no time indicate my actions. I can assure people of that. They don’t reflect my true feelings or the feelings I have in my heart,” said Rand in February.

Aside from Rand choosing to step down, there are only two possible ways to remove him from office.

Those being either a successful recall election or intervention from the governor.

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