This Morning: Study shows many Michigan medical marijuana patients drive high


A new study from the University of Michigan shows many medical marijuana patients in Michigan are driving while high.

Researchers found that more than half of the people surveyed in this study reported driving within two hours of using marijuana.

Nearly 800 medical marijuana patients in Michigan were asked if they’ve driven “very high” in the last 6 months.

1 in 5 of those people said yes.

Those studied were patients with chronic pain renewing their medical marijuana cards in 2014 and 2015.

Driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Michigan, even for medical marijuana patients.

According to researchers, driving while high is known to slow reaction time creating more of an opportunity to get in a crash.

Researchers say they haven’t yet figured out a way to know how impaired users are at any given time but they’re hoping for clearer guidelines about marijuana dosage and side effects.

Find more information on the study, here.

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