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This Morning: Trade in extra Halloween candy for cash at local dentistry, donated to troops overseas


One local dentist office is encouraging children to bring in leftover candy from Halloween and send it to troops overseas.

It’s part of a nation-wide initiative called “Halloween Candy Buy Back.”

The night filled with trick-or-treating is over, but the candy may still be overflowing.

Which is why dentists like Dr. Daniel Derksen are asking kids and their parents to take part in a program called Halloween Candy Buy Back.

“They can be part of something that’s bigger than just going from house to house and getting candy, they can actually share it with somebody else that will enjoy it,” says Derksen.

A day or two after Halloween, children can trade in their extra candy for cash at some dental offices around the country.

At Derksen Dentistry in Lansing, children will get $1 for ever pound of candy brought in.

Those sweets will then be divided up and sent to members of the military overseas.

“When you get something from somebody that’s maybe 7-8 years old and they spent time. I can just imagine how that would make those troops feel,” says Derksen.

Derksen says it not only teaches kids how to give back, but it also lowers the chance for cavities.

“That’s the number one reason we see patients in the office. It’s not from traumatic injuries, it’s not from falls, it comes from cavities and it comes from all the extra sugars,” says Derksen.

Sugars will create acids that destroy the tooth’s enamel.

Why Derksen says it’s important we brush our teeth twice a day.

And all that candy can add up..

So he says by giving it to others, children won’t just learn the importance of dental hygiene, but parents can also teach them what it’s like to help others while earning a buck or two at the same time.

“It’s the least we can do to prevent further decay for the kids as well as to help make a smile on the troops face,” says Derksen.

There is a limit of up to 5 lbs when it comes to how much candy you can bring in.

The event will take place at Derksen’s Dentistry on Lake Lansing Rd. next week.

Monday (11/5) through Wednesday (11/7) from 2-5pm.

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