This Morning: U.S. Senate passes farm bill after months of negotiations


The U.S. Senate has passed the Farm Bill after months of tense negotiations. 

The multi-billion dollar legislative package will fund things like agriculture and food aid programs.

On Monday, lawmakers signed an agreement on the Farm Bill. 

Tuesday the Senate passed it 87 to 13 and the House is expected to vote by Friday.

However one part of the bill holding up the vote didn’t make the final cut.

Lawmakers couldn’t agree on work requirements for the Food Stamp Program.

House Republicans wanted to require more stringent work requirements (raising the work requirement from ages 18-49 to ages 18-59, for one example) in order to be eligible for food stamps.

But Democrats said that would leave millions of Americans hungry.

Lawmakers decided to more forward saying farmers need help now.

The package of bills also includes some positive provisions for Michigan.

Those include protections for the Great Lakes, legalizing industrial hemp, and making maple syrup and honey exempt from new food label requirements regarding added sugar.

The $867 billion legislative package is expected to pass the House.

President Trump has already said he’s ready to sign it.

(Work requirements for able-bodied adults who receive food assistance without dependents will remain in place.)

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