This Morning: Want to travel this summer? An expert weighs in with cheaper ways


A new report shows 39 million U.S. adults won’t be taking a summer vacation this year because they simply can’t afford one.

The report shows just under a quarter of Americans who can’t afford a summer vacation say paying down debt is the biggest factor standing between them and being able to afford to take a trip. Also that, the average expected expense for summer travel is $1,979.

Between rental cars, hotel, and airline fees taking a vacation with the family can add up quick.

Why travel agent, Joy Thurn says it’s important to do your research first.

“I did some reasearch and found six nights in Traverse City at a Holiday Inn the weekend of August the 3rd and that would be for a family of four just for the hotel, $2,000,” says Thurn.

She says looking during off season can make a difference.

“At the same time, I looked at flying from Detroit to Tampa and staying right on the beach in St. Petersburgh. You can do that for a family of four for $1800 including airfare and hotel,” says Thrun.

Another tip, try starting with Google Flights. It shows how much you could save on a ticket if altering your itinerary by a day or two.

Thrun says once you’ve got a location in mind, use credit card points.

“Everything that you spend goes toward points and those points aren’t just for airline tickets but you can use them for hotels or car rentals,” says Thrun.

Some airlines even offer companion passes to enjoy two vacations for the price of one. Earning discounts and free trips.

Other ideas include taking a road trip, or a train and bringing your own food to keep in the hotel.

Most importantly, start saving early.

“If you just thought about $200 or $300 a month how it would offset that cost,” says Thurn.

Traveling can be expensive but with a little advance planning and some flexibility, Thrun says you might be able to save a few dollars and every little bit helps.

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