This Morning: Warning signs of domestic violence, candle light vigil tonight in Lansing


October is domestic violence awareness month.

People in the community will gather inside Lansing’s Capitol today to remember victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

The vigil hopes to raise awareness and prove to victims help is available.

“A lot of times after an assault occurs, they go back into that honeymoon stage where there’s gift giving, I’m sorry, I’ll change, I’ll do whatever it takes so they end up back in that process again,” says Volunteer Coordinator at EVE, Leah Dryer. 

EVE is a Lansing organization working to end violent encounters.

Dryer points out domestic violence can take several different forms.

Often with victims unaware of the abuse.

“It doesn’t even have to get physical, it’s all those other, the name calling, the shaming, the isolation, the economic control,” says Dryer.

Starting with subtle repeated patterns including telling you what to wear or keeping you from family then progressively getting worse.

“Physical we see more when they feel like they’re at that breaking point of loosing control over the person,” says Dryer.

She sas domestic violence affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

There might be many reasons why a victim stays, but the scariest is what could happen when trying to leave.

“Leaving is one of the most dangerous times and they’re 7 times more likely to become homicide at that point, so it’s very important to get a safety plan in place with an advocate,” says Dryer.

It’s because of that, Dryer offers support and empowers victims to get help before it’s too late.

Both EVE and MSU Safe Place will hold the candlelight vigil inside the Rotunda in the Capitol in Lansing.

The program is open to the public and starts at 4pm.

Offering the community the chance to come together, honor victims and support survivors.

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